About Us

Festival Weekend

We are a four day festival based in Niles, Michigan. The festival is one of the top festivals in the State of Michigan.

Four Flags Area Apple Festival is on the corner of Lake and 17th Street.

      • Carnival rides
      • Food vendors
      • Arts and Crafts on Saturday and Sunday with over 100 booths
      • Parades
      • Contests
      • Free Entertainment
      • And much, much MORE for all to enjoy!!!

To Promote, Unite and Cherish

When a committee of community-spirited volunteers gathered in Niles, Michigan in 1972, it was with one purpose: promote, unite, and cherish the apple harvest through an annual festival. Since that time the number of volunteers has grown many times over, and the community feeling of unity, at least for one week, is evident.

Each year new programs are added and some are tossed by the wayside. Through a series of trial and error the hard working and dedicated officials have weeded out what works, and what doesn’t, to make a successful festival year after year.

Thank You!

Without the generosity of our many sponsors, the Four Flags Area Apple Festival could not happen! Our thanks and appreciation go out to the sponsors listed on the sponsors page.

The Four Flags Area Apple Festival Board Meetings are open to the public. They are on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. Due to some scheduling changes please feel free to contact us at info@fourflagsapplefestival.org to verify the meetings. The Board meetings are held at 7:00 PM at the Four Flags Apple Festival Building on the corner of 17th and Lake Street.

If you think you would be interested in volunteering please attend one of our meetings and see if there is an area you would be interested working on. As a volunteer, you can help us reach our goals and objectives of making the Four Flags Area a great place to visit and live.

Meet Our 2022 Board

Apple Festival Board

Executive Board

Denise Kasprzak

Denise Kasprzak


Chuck Craig

Chuck Craig

VP of Admin

Craig Crocker

Craig Crocker

VP of Operations

Katie Tonkel

Katie Tonkel


Kim Corzine

Kim Corzine

Recording Secretary

Tracy Fortune

Tracy Fortune

Financial Secretary

Board of Directors

  • Lynette Wideman
  • Debbie Curran
  • Donna Dodge
  • Tom Nyhuis
  • Robert Pockrandt
  • Brad Walter
  • Mike Hubbard
  • Gene Millin

Associate Board

  • Rachelle Dodge
  • Briana Gleason
  • Bill Kasprzak
  • Alex Phillips
  • Jenna Rhynard
  • Charlie Schoff
  • Sarah Schoff

Honorary Board

  • Robert Fortune
  • Rita Hubbard
  • Carmen Merica
  • Linda Purucker
  • Pat Teeter
  • Allen Turnbo
  • Diana Waggoner
  • Kenny Waggoner
  • Stacy Walsh
  • Marilyn White
  • Scott Zeider

Junior Associates

  • Colton Hubbard
  • Jackson Tonkel
  • Kolton Tonkel